Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2009

As a designer of wedding invitations and stationery for many years I applaud 2008 as being one of the most exciting and progressive years for South African couples when it came to making a statement in their wedding stationery needs. In previous years the wedding invitation was overlooked and kept to a minimum when it came to the wedding as a whole. Let’s be honest and I’m sure you have heard it before “It’s the first indication that your guests receive to what the wedding will entail” so you want that to be reflected in your wedding invitation to set the tone for your special day. Today’s Brides want something unique and are keeping up to date with local and international trends taking the wedding selections by storm, but also not forgetting to add that South African flavor. The invitation which I’m proud to say is now a fashion accessory and fast becoming top of the wedding planning list to which it should be. It’s saying “This is who we are” and 2008 had definitely achieved that. Things can only get better seeing a lot of the designs, styles and themes overflowing into 2009 taking on a new twist.Here are some trends that I believe we will see in 2009 making your unique wedding invitation one to remember for years to come.

Here are some trends that I believe we will see in 2009 making your unique wedding invitation one to remember for years to come.

Vintage Candy:
As I’m sure most of you are familiar with the vintage prints that the end of 2007 and 2008 introduced. Damask, baroque patterns were all the rage and believe will still carry on, with bolder colour combinations, adding modern elements and alternative letter styles that will bring in a new concept on the old design. Wedding invitations will now see these antique style patterns take on a whole new meaning.

Colour Me Shades:
Every bride is unique in their own way and most probably already have a colour in mind whether the trend or not. My suggestion is “Go for it!” it’s your personal choice at the end of the day. 2009 wedding invitations will use an array of different colour palettes. The trend I’m noticing is brides sticking to a single colour scheme but experimenting and mixing its different shades. This choice not only broadens your options but takes the difficulty out of trying to make everything match. It’s also chic, stylish, fun and different.

Monogram Us:
The classic interlinked initials seen on the majority of wedding cards will now be replaced with ornate framed monograms customised according to your requirements. The monogram in itself is design and can be carried through all your wedding stationery for your special day. Basically like the old coat of arms these modern day gems can incorporate personal elements and most importantly make your wedding stationery one of a kind.

Citrus Splash:
Two colours that have been popular towards the end of 2008 and already getting a lot of interest for 2009 are orange and yellow. Orange, which is no newcomer and has been around for some time, but is having a facelift with new tones, that are really exciting and being blended with colours unheard of in the past. Think neon orange, tangerine fizz, tangy orange and then consider the complete colour palette. It goes well with choc brown, baby blues and mint green or pure white and gives your wedding invite that extra pop. Now yellow on the other hand was a colour rarely seen and to be honest difficult to play with, but with the new patterned prints and unique wedding invitation shapes that are available it’s making its mark. Think canary yellow, lemongrass, buttercup, lemon zest and I’m sure you can most probably taste the possibilities. These two colours are not only fresh but reflect the seasons that lay ahead.

It's In The Shape:
Wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes and the one that 2008 labeled as most popular and will once again carry over into next year is the pocket fold invitation. A unique invitation which says style and elegance and incorporates your additional info cards like directions, rsvp, accommodation details or an added before or after celebration and then neatly folds up into a standard size invite keeping everything in place. 2009 will also see a more economic trend playing its roll, its got to in this day and age but at the same time one doesn’t want to skimp on the quality. Dual sided cards are the way to go and the front panel being the canvas to reflect your desired colour and design with the reverse panel being the actual invite.

Envelope Me:
Last but not least, the envelope. Gone are the bland white envelopes we have seen for so many years and we now say hello to a matching affair. Not only do envelopes come in variety of colours and sizes to compliment your wedding invitations but 2009 will see them given a much needed face lift with matching outer and inner prints. Another popular trend is having the envelopes personally addressed in the invitation font and a crest or monogram on the back leaf.

Hope you enjoyed our opener for our blog and we look forward to filling you in with new ideas and inspirations for your wedding day.

Happy Planning!!!