Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chantal and Ricardo's Wedding Day

We are so pleased to feature Chantal and Ricardo's wedding pictures and story. When we asked Chantal if she would like to have her wedding put up on our blog she was so excited and mailed us her story through the same day. Chantal first emailed us in July 2011 and we discussed a couple different ideas on wedding invitations and stationery. I think she was a bit hesitant at first with us being in Durban and her being in Cape Town about how the whole stationery planning would work. We assured her that we are used to dealing with clients all over the country as well as overseas, and that designs and proofs are emailed and posted for approval before any printing takes place. Their venue was at Vredenheim Wine Farm and they wanted to bring in an elegant, enchanted garden theme to their special day.  After working together and throwing ideas back and forth we came up with stationery that suited their day. Thanks guys, it was awesome working with you and we wish you all the best of your journey together J

Chantal and Ricardo’s Story (Wording by Chantal)

Ricardo and I started our journey back in 2006 when we started our graduate studies together in Chemical Engineering. I saw him for the first time during our orientation week and my first thought about him was that he was quite handsome. From then on, we both joined the same friendship group and later started talking. He was very reserved, just gave me the need-to-knows, and I didn't ask any further. 

At the end of that year, we had our end of year bash, and to my surprise, that very same night Ricardo and I shared our first kiss! Needless to say, we were quite uncomfortable after that kiss, but for me, that was the turning point in our 'relationship'. We started talking more and studied together. Finally I had the guts to ask him where to from here. He wasn't quite enthusiastic about the idea of us as a couple, but said yes none the less. And look where we are today! 

The 13th of July 2010, precisely three years since that day, Ricardo got down on one knee and proposed. I don't really remember actually saying yes, the moment overwhelmed me so much!

We set our date for the 10th Dec 2011. Unfortunately, due to his work circumstances, we learned that Ricardo would have to work in Malaysia for a year from May 2010. However sad we were, we would not postpone our plans as we already had our venue. We decided that I would go on with the arrangements while he was away. It was quite a hectic period for me, because I not only arranged the whole wedding, I completed my postgraduate degree and worked full time! 

One thing I can say is that our wedding day was well worth all that stress. As I walked into a church filled with flowers, to a string quartet playing "Jesus joy of man's desiring", I was overwhelmed with emotion. I knew at that moment, this was exactly where God destined me to be. Our reception was filled with love and laughter, everyone enjoying themselves, up to the wee hours of the morning. Our photographer captured those moments to perfection. All I can say is thank you to everyone who made our day as special as Ricardo and I embark on this new and exciting part of our journey together.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mark Le Grange for his assistance and for the awesome photo's for this feature.

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