Monday, January 23, 2012

Colour trends 2012

Look it's really difficult to say that there is going to be a set colour trend this year or any year for that matter as everyone has their personal choice and already the amount of colour combo requests we have had in this year is extensive. The trend that we noticed in 2011 and THANKFULLY still around in 2012 is not being afraid to go bold and mix totally different palettes.

Yes the vintage, retro and earthy theme is still in but we are seeing clients wanting to experiment and brighten it up with that touch of colour here and there. The wonderful thing about wedding stationery is that combined with  
a really cool design, the selection of boards and the choice of different print techniques on offer that this can be easily accomplished.

Here is a small collection of colours we have of watched for internationally and with the colour requests we had towards the end of 2011 and this year. Let us know what you think and if you have colour combo suggestions,  please feel free to share :)